Robot-Assisted Simple Prostatectomy

  • Christian Padevit
  • Hubert JohnEmail author


The surgical management for severely enlarged prostate glands (generally >80 g) in men with symptomatic BPH remains a challenge. Simple prostatectomy is considered the standard of care, if laser enucleation or vaporisation is not available. Although open simple prostatectomy is an effective and durable treatment option, it is associated with the risk of severe bleeding, transfusion and prolonged hospital length of stay. The retropubic transvesical technique (Freyer, Br Med J 2:868, 1912) and the suprapubic transcapsular operation (Millin et al. Lancet 1:381–385, 1949) are still widely accepted as the gold standard. However, the blunt dissection of the adenoma from the capsule, especially in the apical and sphincteral areas makes this procedure very invasive. Therefore minimal invasive approaches have been introduced as laser techniques, conventional laparoscopy and robotic assisted technology.


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