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Automated Video Mashups: Research and Challenges

  • Mukesh Kumar Saini
  • Wei Tsang Ooi


The proliferation of video cameras, such as those embedded in smartphones and wearable devices, has made it increasingly easy for users to film interesting events (such as public performance, family events, and vacation highlights) in their daily lives. Moreover, often there are multiple cameras capturing the same event at the same time, from different views. Concatenating segments of the videos produced by these cameras together along the event time forms a video mashup, which could depict the event in a less monotonous and more informative manner. It is, however, inefficient and costly to manually create a video mashup. This chapter aims to introduce the problem of automated video mashup to the readers, survey the state-of-the-art research work in this area, and outline the set of open challenges that remain to be solved. It provides a comprehensive introduction to practitioners, researchers, and graduate students who are interested in the research and challenges of automated video mashup.


Automated video mashup Video clips synchronization Video quality analysis Cinematography rules Mashup quality evaluation 


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