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  • Nabil Sayed Embabi
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Red Sea coasts exhibit a wide variety of forms of different origins—changes in sea level have played a significant role in the development of coastal forms. Coastal forms of the Red Sea in Egypt are classified into four groups according to origin: fluvial, aeolian, marine, and sea level changes. Fluvial forms comprise micro-deltas, bahadas, and drainage channels. As for aeolian forms, they are dominated by nebkhas, while marine forms include coral reefs, sand barriers, barrier lagoons, beaches, cliffs, and platforms, as well as sabkhas. Forms resulting from sea level changes comprise estuaries, submerged deltas, submerged canyons, submarine terraces, and reef terraces. Most of these forms are small or micro-ones, since their size ranges between a few kilometers to a few hundred meters.


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