An Efficient Scheduling of Power and Appliances Using Metaheuristic Optimization Technique

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Nowadays, Energy become the most valued necessity. Energy crisis becomes a critical issue of this era. Energy demand is increasing day by day, due to which peak load creation occurs. In order to handle the critical situation of the energy crisis, many techniques and methods are implemented. This can be done by replacing the traditional grid with smart grid and scheduling of appliances at Demand Side Management (DSM). Our main focus is on load management and minimization of cost which can be done by load shifting from on peak hours to off peak hours. We have achieved objectives by using two meta-heuristic optimization techniques; Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) and EarthWorm optimization Algorithm (EWA). Simulation results show that the approaches we adopted reduce the cost, reduce the Peak Average Ratio (PAR) by load shifting from on peak to off peak hours between the min and max interval with a low difference.


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