Scheduling of Appliances in Home Energy Management System Using Elephant Herding Optimization and Enhanced Differential Evolution

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In this study, problem of scheduling of appliances in Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is analyzed and a solution is proposed. Although there are many heuristic algorithms for solving the scheduling problem however we considered a swarm based heuristic algorithm Elephant Herding Optimisation (EHO). EHO uses the herding behaviour of elephants to handle the problem. To validate our research work, we simulate the single home with 12 appliances and scheduling is performed using EHO. We divided the appliances into two categories Interruptible and non-interruptible. Time of Use (TOU) pricing signal is used. Simulation results show that EHO is efficient as compare to Enhanced Differential Evolution (EDE) and unscheduled case. EHO technique is efficient in scheduling the appliances and reducing the waiting time.


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