Interaction with Decision-Makers

  • Rosalba D’Onofrio
  • Massimo Sargolini
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The changes in the market economy and social context that have been widely described in this volume form the background and reference for innovations introduced as much in participatory processes as in the practice of urban planning. If we place the relationship between environmental sustainability and quality of life of citizens at the focus of urban policies, it is necessary to address questions ranging from the reduction of waste and efficient use of resources to the conservation and hydrogeological balance of the land and from the reorganization of infrastructure and immaterial networks to the formation of an ethic of collective goods. This is to ensure real sustainability in processes of enhancing and using the goods, avoiding irreversible consumption. All of this forces the behaviour, habits, and lifestyles of inhabitants and operators to be redefined, imprinting them with a more conscious, responsible use of the territory, etc.

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