On the Performance of Parallel Tasking Runtimes for an Irregular Fast Multipole Method Application

  • Patrick AtkinsonEmail author
  • Simon McIntosh-Smith
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10468)


This paper will present our work on optimising and comparing the performance of an irregular algorithm for the increasingly important fast multipole method with the use of tasks. Our aim is to provide insight into how different methods of synchronisation can affect the performance of tree-based particle methods, finding that performance can be improved by 21% on some platforms. We also compare the performance of the chosen application between different OpenMP implementations and to other task-parallel programming models, finding that significant performance differences can be observed on both NUMA and Many Integrated Core architectures.


OpenMP Tasks Mini-apps Locks Atomics 



The authors would like the thank EPSRC for funding this work, as well as Bristol’s Intel Parallel Computing Centre (IPCC) for access to the KNL platform. We would also like to thank GW4 for access to the Isambard supercomputer for Broadwell results.


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