High–High Educational Attainment and Socioeconomic Progression

  • Winniey E Maduro


This chapter acquaints the reader with the Phillip family.

Mr Phillip came from the Caribbean as a young boy in the 1950s to meet his parents in London. In 1972 he married Mrs Phillip, the daughter of Irish immigrants. Mr and Mrs Phillip were both professional nurses who, soon after their marriage, left London to work in Humberside in the Northeast of England. There, they settled and brought up their three children who attended local community schools in which they were the only non-whites.

The Phillip family’s social world is one in which experiences of isolation, prejudices, and negative stereotypes towards them are common. However, their courage, perseverance, and resilience ultimately reflect in high levels of educational attainment among the second and third generations. The second generation experiences high levels of success in socioeconomic domain too, and the third generation is on course to experience similarly high or higher level of success relative to those of their grandparents and parents. They are being brought up in a local community in which they are appreciated members, feel safe, and thrive through available opportunities.


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