Categorisation of Papers: Systematic Review on Prostate Cancer Survivorship and Psychosexual Care

  • Sanchia S. Goonewardene
  • Raj Persad


The papers within this systematic review can be categorised as follows:


  1. 1.
    O’Brien R, Rose P, Campbell C, Weller D, Neal RD, Wilkinson C, McIntosh H, Watson E. “I wish I’d told them”: a qualitative study examining the unmet psychosexual needs of prostate cancer patients during follow-up after treatment. Patient Educ Couns. 2011;84:200–7.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  2. 2.
    Penson DF, McLerran D, FENG Z, Li L, Albertsen PC, Gilliland FD, Hamilton A, Hoffman RM, Stephenson RA, Potosky AL, Stanford JL. 5-year urinary and sexual outcomes after radical prostatectomy: results from the prostate cancer outcomes study. J Urol. 2005;173:1701–5.CrossRefPubMedPubMedCentralGoogle Scholar
  3. 3.
    Naccarato A, Reis L, Mendonca G, Denardi F. Post radical prostatectomy erectile dysfunction rehabilitation is couple dependent: a missing piece in the puzzle. Urology. 2013;1:S184.Google Scholar
  4. 4.
    O’Brien R, Rose PW, Campbell C, Weller D, Neal RD, Wilkinson C, Watson EK. Experiences of follow-up after treatment in patients with prostate cancer: a qualitative study. BJU Int. 2010;106:998–1003.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  5. 5.
    Kimura M, Bañez LL, Polascik TJ, Bernal RM, Gerber L, Robertson CN, Donatucci CF, Moul JW. Sexual bother and function after radical prostatectomy: predictors of sexual bother recovery in men despite persistent post-operative sexual dysfunction. Andrology. 2013;1(2):256–61.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  6. 6.
    Perez MA, Meyerowitz BE, Lieskovsky G, Skinner DG, Reynolds B, Skinner EC. Quality of life and sexuality following radical prostatectomy in patients with prostate cancer who use or do not use erectile aids. Urology. 1997;50:740–6.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  7. 7.
    Nelson C, Kenowitz J, Pessin H, Lacey S, Mulhall J. Acceptance and commitment therapy for adherence to an erectile rehabilitation program after radical prostatectomy: preliminary results from a randomized control trial. Psychooncology. 2013;22:34.Google Scholar
  8. 8.
    Ploussard G, Salomon L, Allory Y, Terry S, Vordos D, Hoznek A, Abbou CC, Vacherot F, de la Taille A. Pathological findings and prostate-specific antigen outcomes after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for high-risk prostate cancer. BJU Int. 2010;106:86–90.CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar
  9. 9.
    Nelson CJ, Mulhall JP, Roth AJ. The association between erectile dysfunction and depressive symptoms in men treated for prostate cancer. J Sex Med. 2011;8:560–6.CrossRefGoogle Scholar
  10. 10.
    Fereday J. Demonstrating rigor using thematic analysis: a hybrid approach of inductive and deductive coding development. Int J Qual Methods. 2006;5:1–11.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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