New Development Model for Bauxite Deposits - Dedicated Compact Refinery

  • Peter-Hans ter Weer
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An alternative development approach for bauxite deposits proposed in a TMS 2011 paper1 results in a more efficient use of resources and lowers the threshold to develop bauxite & alumina projects.

The new approach represents a paradigm shift from “Bigger is Better” to “Smart & Small”, and is based on an alumina refinery with the following characteristics:
  • Dedicated plant design and layout, “designing a greenfield plant as a brownfield expansion”, resulting in lower capital cost per tonne of alumina (tA) capacity;

  • Compact plant production capacity, resulting in a simple and limited scope, further improving capital cost per tA capacity; and

  • Sustainability embedded in the design.

The current paper explores some aspects of this “DCS-model” such as design basis, plant areas, equipment sparing and layout, applied to a 400,000 t/y alumina refinery. Sustainability will be the subject of a separate paper.


Bauxite Alumina Project Development Alumina Technology Economics Sustainability Refinery Design 


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