Decolonial Social Movements, Leftist Governments and the Media

  • Julie CupplesEmail author
  • Kevin Glynn
Part of the SpringerBriefs in Latin American Studies book series (BRIEFSLAS)


This chapter situates events in Nicaragua within a broader Latin American context and in relation to changes that have been actively producing a new media environment in the region. We consider both changes in the nature of social movements in Latin America after decades of neoliberalism and a shift to left-wing authoritarian populism, and the emergence of new media geographies associated with digitalization and media convergence. We show that the contemporary Latin American media environment is a highly contradictory, paradoxical and multidiscursive one in which a plurality of voices can find and forge new forms and spaces of expression.


Social movements Media convergence Clientelism Decoloniality Resistance Indigenous peoples Afro-descended peoples 

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