Presentation and Interpretation of the Empirical Data

  • Varughese Jacob


In this chapter, my major goal is to report, analyze, and interpret the results of the survey data which are coded and tabulated in the Appendix. The presentation and interpretation of the data in this chapter are also employed to test the factors presented in Chap.  1 that contribute to intergenerational conflict in Indian immigrant families. The survey instrument is designed on the basis of the literature reviewed, cultural values of Asian-Indians described in Chaps.  2 and  3, the sources of conflicts identified, and instruments used to measure intergenerational conflicts among other ethnic communities, such as Korean and Chinese immigrants. The questionnaire was set in such a way as to test in-depth and quality communication in intrafamily relationships, mutual acceptance of culture, cultural values, beliefs and practices, valuing one culture over another, integration of cultural values among the multiple generations of the Indian immigrants in the United States, and awareness programs initiated by sociocultural and religious centers.

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