Postoperative Care of Living Donor for Liver Transplant

  • Sean Ewing
  • Tadahiro Uemura
  • Sathish Kumar


Liver transplantation is a standard treatment modality for patients with end-stage liver disease but the scarcity of cadaveric donors has led to long waiting times for transplant procedures in this severely ill group of patients and many, unfortunately, die before they ever receive a transplant. Current UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) data highlights this problem. According to UNOS data, 15,000 patients were waiting for a liver transplant in the United States and in 2014, 1,821 liver patients died while waiting for a transplant [1]. In 2017, 8,082 liver transplants were performed in the US, of which 367 were living donor liver transplants. To overcome the lack of deceased donors, living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) is becoming increasingly common since it was introduced into clinical practice in 1989.

This chapter reviews the perioperative care of living donor liver transplantation including the epidemiology of living donation and its variability...


Donor risk Left-lobe graft Liver transplantation Living donor Mortality Perioperative care Epidemiology Ethics Bile leak Pulmonary embolism Liver failure 



We would like to thank Dr. Patrick M. Mcquillan M.D. for helping review the manuscript.


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