System Entity Structure Basics

  • Bernard P. ZeiglerEmail author
  • Hessam S. Sarjoughian
Part of the Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications book series (SFMA)


In this chapter, you will see how the System Entity Structure (SES) can help you construct models for Systems of Systems. In fact, we will use the SES to better understand the process for constructing such models. Modeling and Simulation (M&S) refers to a set of activities that are undertaken for a variety of reasons. We get a sense of the activities involved in M&S from a bird’s eye perspective before we dive down into DEVS-based tools for simulation model construction, the focus of this book. We formulate some of the basic activities in Modeling and Simulation as a process or sequence of steps that can be represented with a System Entity Structure. Besides conveying some familiarity with M&S activities, we use the example to discuss two unique features of the SES, decomposition and coupling.

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