The Impact of the Analysis Period on the Estimation Accuracy of Queue Lengths at Intersection Inlets with Traffic Lights

  • Tomasz SzczuraszekEmail author
  • Damian Iwanowicz
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 21)


In this article, the authors described the problem of determining the traffic conditions at intersections with traffic lights in the state of traffic oversaturation. Based on their own research results gathered at three intersections in different traffic density states, an accuracy analysis was conducted for vehicle queue lengths calculation at the inlets of those intersections during various assumed sampling periods. The authors also conducted an accuracy evaluation of the estimation of vehicle queue lengths by means of several theoretical methods used in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and Poland. That evaluation shows that in the case of traffic oversaturation states that last longer, errors in estimation using those methods are significant, regardless of the assumed sampling length. Based on the results of analyzing the obtained errors, the authors suggest assuming the maximal sampling time of a 15-min interval, while they recommend a 5-min one.


Queue lengths Urban signalized intersections 


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