Proposed Framework Application for a Quality Mobile Application Measurement and Evaluation

  • Mechelle Grace Zaragoza
  • Haeng-Kon Kim
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 726)


In order to keep the Capability Maturity Model levels four and higher, the quality of software development must be controlled by a quantification of the software development process as well as the product and the resources in the different phases. The quantification by means of software measurement needs a unified strategy, methodology or approach as one important prerequisite to guarantee the goals of quality assurance, improvement and controlled software management to be achieved. Nowadays, plenty of methods such as measurement frameworks, maturity model, goal-directed paradigms, process languages etc. exist to support this idea. However, the current approaches are based on a static view. This paper describes an Object-Oriented (OO) approach to a software measurement framework aimed at evaluating software products, software process, and resources. This approach includes the dynamic characteristics in software measurement, considering the behavior aspects of software metrics. The framework is described in principle based on some first practical applications.


Object-oriented approach Mobile application Software measurement and evaluation 



This work is supported by Catholic University of Daegu, Republic of Korea.


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  1. 1.Catholic University of DaeguGyeongsanSouth Korea

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