Ritual, Ecclesia, and the Reform of Russian Orthodoxy: The Life and Thought of Ioann Verkhovskii, 1818–1891

  • James M. White
Part of the Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies book series (CHARIS)


The author investigates the life and thought of Father Ioann Verkhovskii (1818–91). Like other priests in the era of the Great Reforms, Verkhovskii believed that the Russian Orthodox Church was in need of transformation if it was to meet the new challenges posed by modernity. He belonged to edinoverie , a uniate movement formed at the beginning of the nineteenth century to reunite Orthodoxy and the schismatic Old Believers. Verkhovskii proposed a radical scheme to legitimise the Old Believers entirely and abolish edinoverie. However, Verkhovskii proved unable to moderate his language or effectively construct a firm basis of support. This limited his influence and led to self-imposed exile and excommunication, but some of his ideas garnered support from Orthodox churchmen in the early twentieth century.


Russian Orthodox Church Ioann Verkhovskii Edinoverie 



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