Exploring Evaluation in Service Design Practice

  • Francesca FoglieniEmail author
  • Beatrice Villari
  • Stefano Maffei
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So far, the topic of evaluation has been barely treated in service design theory and practice, despite the need to evaluate the contribution of design to innovation which is receiving increasing attention. Starting from the idea of integrating evaluation in the service design process, in this chapter, some examples are provided to show how evaluation could actually foster the design or redesign of better services, and contribute to the discourse on how to determine service design value. Examples are also supported by the opinions of expert practitioners operating in renowned design agencies. What emerges is that evaluation can play a major role in several steps of the service design process, also when undertaken unconsciously by designers, acquiring a different purpose according to the nature of the project and to its application to concepts, prototypes, or full services. Moreover, tools typically adopted in service design practice can be used for evaluation purposes, adapting to the collection and interpretation of qualitative data, as well as to the visualization of evaluation results. This enables a reflection about the possibility to rethink the service design process, integrating an explicit evaluation component aimed at determining the value of designed solutions on the one hand, and guiding and justifying design choices on the other hand.


Service design practice Service design approach Service design process Service evaluation Evaluation expertise Service evaluation process 


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