CurryCheck: Checking Properties of Curry Programs

  • Michael HanusEmail author
Conference paper
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We present CurryCheck, a tool to automate the testing of programs written in the functional logic programming language Curry. CurryCheck executes unit tests as well as property tests which are parameterized over one or more arguments. CurryCheck tests properties by systematically enumerating test cases so that, for smaller finite domains, CurryCheck can actually prove properties. Unit tests and properties can be defined in a Curry module without being exported. Thus, they are also useful to document the intended semantics of the source code. Furthermore, CurryCheck also supports the automated checking of specifications and contracts occurring in source programs. Hence, CurryCheck is a useful tool that contributes to the property- and specification-based development of reliable and well tested declarative programs.



The author is grateful to Jan-Patrick Baye for implementing an initial version of CurryCheck and to the anonymous reviewers for their suggestions to improve this paper.


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