Minisymposium: The Treatment of Singularities and Defects in Industrial Applications

  • María Aguareles
  • Marco Antonio Fontelos
Conference paper
Part of the Mathematics in Industry book series (MATHINDUSTRY, volume 26)


Very often industries are interested in removing, and therefore understanding, defects and singularities arising in materials and fluids. In other instances, it is the focusing inherent to singularities and their potential use to manufacture small things what makes them interesting for industrial purposes. This minisymposium gathered researchers who deal with singularities and defects that appear in industrial applications like, for instance, in problems of electro-wetting, superconductivity or dislocations. Such defects are usually undesirable and it becomes crucial to control its origin and evolution. In this sense, many of the topics that were covered in these sessions were at the latest cutting edge. Also, the topic itself was transversal since its industrial motivation ranges from so different fields like fluid dynamics to the allocation of dislocations or superconductivity. Finally, the mathematics involved are usually far from trivial, involving strong nonlinear effects and multiple length and time scales.

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  1. 1.IMAEUniversitat de GironaGironaSpain
  2. 2.ICMATConsejo Superior de Investigaciones CientíficasMadridSpain

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