Efficient Verified (UN)SAT Certificate Checking

  • Peter Lammich
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10395)


We present an efficient formally verified checker for satisfiability and unsatisfiability certificates for Boolean formulas in conjunctive normal form. It utilizes a two phase approach: Starting from a DRAT certificate, the unverified generator computes an enriched certificate, which is checked against the original formula by the verified checker.

Using the Isabelle/HOL Refinement Framework, we verify the actual implementation of the checker, specifying the semantics of the formula down to the integer sequence that represents it.

On a realistic benchmark suite drawn from the 2016 SAT competition, our approach is more than two times faster than the unverified standard tool drat-trim. Additionally, we implemented a multi-threaded version of the generator, which further reduces the runtime.



We thank Jasmin Blanchette and Mathias Fleury for very useful comments on the draft version of this paper, and Lars Hupel for instant help on any problems related to the benchmark server.


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