Diversity and the Common Core

  • Joel Macht


The final chapter reveals the non-educational initiators of today’s Common Core, divulging one odd bedfellow who stands to benefit financially. The chapter illuminates what happens when students are presented work that is not commensurate with their readiness skills. With common core’s standardized curriculum, many children, because of their varying entering skills, will face disappointment and frustration with their academic achievement. Such an undesirable situation is a perfect petri dish for culturing false positive disability identifications. Not surprising, the outcome will produce precisely what happened the last time we tried to improve student performance by making the curriculum more rigorous, an effective approach for a percentage of students, but not for all. If our goal is to help every child succeed in school, to leave none behind, we need to look at our methods rather than a child’s purported disability as an explanation for our failure to accomplish the objective.

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