Learning Disabilities

  • Joel Macht


The chapter substantiates that special education has no valid means to diagnose what it names a “learning disability.” The current LD diagnostic models are presented, evaluated, and found to be flawed, including RTI. The chapter presents the history of “learning disabilities” from the time the term was first introduced in 1963. Learning disabilities, misconstrued from its inception, is shown to be a weak description with fruitless definitions rather than a verifiable biological condition a child has. Evidence shows that the term cannot rightly be used to explain why a child struggles with his or her achievement. General education and much of special education ignore the real culprit, a refusal to match classroom assignments with a child’s unique readiness skills. Various special education professionals recommend dispensing with the term “learning disability,” eliminate the concept of special education eligibility, and make available immediate services to the many children in need of intensive educational remediation.

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