The Mixed Encounter: Gemma Coxon and Charlotte Hitchmough in Conversation About the Kennet ECG



Gemma Coxon and Charlotte Hitchmough come to the issue of water management and rivers from different directions. As a postdoc in the MaRIUS project Gemma spend her days doing hydrological modelling on the computer. In contrast, Charlotte manages a wide range of projects aiming to improve the health of the River Kennet and to get local people involved with the river in her role as ARK director. They talk about how they both enjoyed the transdisciplinary research in the Kennet ECG and learned a lot by participating. Particularly important was the mutual trust and understanding they developed by working in this way. Scientists and local residents collaborating were an unusual experience for them both and they think it could have potential for local water and river management in the future.


Issues of water management MaRIUS project Hydrological modelling Health of the River Kennet Scientific collaboration in water and river management 

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