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Biofuel Cells

  • Roberto A. S. Luz
  • Andressa R. Pereira
  • Rodrigo M. Iost
  • Frank N. CrespilhoEmail author


Biomass provides an abundant energy source on the Earth and it is stored primarily in the form of organic matter. Some strategies concern the use of enzymes and microorganisms as specific biocatalyst to generate electricity in the so-called biofuel cells (BFCs). In this chapter, we show important progress achieved until now about BFCs, as well as deep understanding of the biocatalytic behavior when the enzymes are immobilized onto solid supports (electrodes). Also the nature of the enzyme/electrode interfacial electron transfer is one of the fundamental opened questions under debate, since a large class of materials is used as components of electrodes. The understanding of these features is crucial for the efficiency of sustainable power energy generation for in vitro and in vivo technologies. Fundamentals of thermodynamics and kinetics of bioelectrodes will also be some of the current topics reviewed here. Further perspectives in the achievements of modern and miniaturized biodevices and bio-inspired systems will also be addressed.


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