Clinical Radiobiology and Physics

  • Serah Choi
  • Yao Yu
  • Eleanor A. Blakely
  • John Murnane


This chapter will discuss the fundamental concepts and factors important in radiation biology and physics as they apply to radiation therapy.


Radiobiology Radiation physics DNA damage DNA repair Oxygen effect Hyperthermia Cell survival Cell cycle effects Hereditary DNA repair syndromes Relative biological effect Total body radiation Effects of radiation on the embryo/fetus DNA damage assays Clinical radiation safety Effective dose limits Photon interactions External beam techniques Brachytherapy Timeline of radiation 



We thank Gautam Prasad MD, PhD, and Jean Pouliot PhD for their work on the prior edition of this chapter.


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  • Yao Yu
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  • Eleanor A. Blakely
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  • John Murnane
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  2. 2.Biological System EngineeringLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeleyUSA

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