Polymeric Nanocomposites for Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalysis

  • Chin Wei Lai
  • Kian Mun Lee
  • Joon Ching JuanEmail author
Part of the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials book series (SSPCM)


TiO2 photocatalysts have been applied in treating wide range of organic contaminants, ranging from dye effluents to persistent organic pollutants. Discharging of those contaminants has polluted our natural water resources and reduced the quality and quantity of the clean water for our daily usage. Although TiO2 photocatalysts show high removal efficiency towards most of the pollutants, the fast recombination rate and large bandgap impede its practical use under visible light irradiation. Considerable efforts have been employed to immobilize TiO2 onto different substrates, particularly on polymer owing to their highly abundance and low cost. This chapter highlighted the various types of polymer-supported TiO2 photocatalyst in degrading organic pollutants.


Titanium dioxide Photocatalysis Visible light Polymer substrate Nanocomposites Photocatalytic oxidation 


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