World History as a Single Story

  • Tamim Ansary


Ansary asks what a narrative of world history might look like from the perspective of a global “we.” He explores the possibility of constructing a meta-narrative by weaving diverse parochial, somebody-centric world-historical narratives into a single storyline that moves from our human beginnings as countless autonomous bands of hunter-gatherers to the present moment, when we may be merging into a single intertwined planetary civilization. In this throughline, Ansary discerns a dialectic between our ever-increasing interconnectedness and our proclivity to coalesce into cultural microcosms, each of which takes itself for the world as a whole. The struggle to resolve contradictions within and between these constantly forming cultural microcosms are, for Ansary, what generates the “stuff” of history.

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  • Tamim Ansary
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