Case Study About Erosion in Elmo SerejoAvenue, Taguatinga/Federal District – Brazil

  • Mariane Rodrigues da VitóriaEmail author
  • Rideci Farias
  • Haroldo Paranhos
  • Itamar de Souza Bezerra
  • Roberto Pimentel de Sousa Júnior
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Part of the Sustainable Civil Infrastructures book series (SUCI)


The land occupation without proper planning leads to many urban problems. One of the problems of cities that are in the process of industrialization, economic growth and population is related to land use and environmental impacts. Poor land use and non-compliance with existing laws cause devastating consequences to the environment, since adverse environmental impacts are often irreversible, leaving the alternative to mitigate them. Take as example the Federal District had a steady increase of the population that could not keep up satisfactorily the migration process, creating many problems for the region, both because of the occupation as the capacity of goods such as energy, water supply, sewage, public health and education with impacts to the environment and people’s quality of life. Another effect of urbanization with many problems is the increased production of solid waste that are dumped inappropriately on the surface reaching the urban drainage networks, these issues related to deficiencies in services and low awareness of the population. In general, the water and the winds are the main triggering agents of erosion of the soil, being caused erosion, often by heavy rainfall runoff that generate the leverage. The erosion can occur for years and intensified with human action. Given the above, a field incursions program for verification of the geotechnical conditions in the study area were made, for understanding the region soil and be used as parameters for the slope stability tests.



I thank God that blesses me constantly, the Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB), and Professor. Dr. Rideci Farias, for all the support and guidance.


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