From Rome to Milan, from Appennines to Alps, from Data to Big Data

  • Carlo BatiniEmail author
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 31)


In the last 25 years my life changed a lot. In the paper I describe the evolution of my research activities, and to some extent the change in my favorite hobby, that is climbing mountains, and in my life, from Rome to Milan. Moving from Rome to Milan was initially a bit traumatic, but at end I made it. In the story, I also mention the influence in my research activity of the ten years period I spent at the Authority for Informatics in Public Administration, where the size of projects I faced has been several orders of magnitude larger than toy examples conceived in my previous papers. I also mention the wonderful scholars that joined me in these 25 years.


Conceptual database design Data quality Service science 


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