Multimedia Data Modeling and Management

  • Vincenzo MoscatoEmail author
  • Antonio Picariello
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Nowadays, multimedia data is surely one of the most popular and pervasive information and communication media that accompanies us in almost every walk of lives. They allow fast and effective communication and sharing of information about peoples’ lives, their behaviors, works, interests, and they are also the digital testimony of facts, objects, and locations and have become an essential component of social media networks. Technically speaking, how to organize and structure this huge amount of data using different paradigms, so that we can easily get useful information, has been a challenging research field for decades. In this chapter we will describe the main results produced by the Multimedia Database Research Group of University of Naples in this area: models for representing multimedia data and the related knowledge and techniques for their storage, indexing and retrieval. In addition, we also point out several applications, with a particular emphasis on social media networks.


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