Frameworks for Assessing and Evaluating e-Learning Courses and Programs

  • Florence Martin
  • Swapna Kumar
Part of the Educational Communications and Technology: Issues and Innovations book series (ECTII)


This chapter provides an overview of different frameworks, benchmarks, guidelines, and instruments that exist to assess the quality and effectiveness of e-learning programs. Elements of multiple frameworks and instruments are combined to identify seven quality indicators such as institutional support, technology infrastructure, course design, learner and instructor support, learning effectiveness, faculty and student satisfaction, and course assessment and evaluation in the “What you need to know” section. Key considerations for each of the quality indicators which e-learning leaders can use to make key decisions and implementation considerations are provided in the “What you can do” section. Finally, the chapter also describes the need and the importance of using frameworks to assess and evaluate quality of e-learning courses and programs.


e-Learning quality e-Learning frameworks e-Learning effectiveness e-Learning indicators e-Learning evaluation e-Learning benchmarks e-Learning implementation 


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