Hayek, Evolution, and Imanishi

  • Susumu Egashira
Part of the Archival Insights into the Evolution of Economics book series (AIEE)


This chapter examines Friedrich Hayek’s 1978/1979 dialogues on evolutionary biology with Kinji Imanishi, an influential Japanese evolutionary biologist—a conversation that has not previously been available to non-Japanese speakers. Hayek had rarely discussed biological evolution—these neglected dialogues illuminate his understanding of this issue. Imanishi offers a counterpoint to Hayek because he adopted a holistic approach to understand the evolution of the ecological system. Although Imanishi agreed with Hayek’s concept of a self-organizing society, he harshly criticizes Hayek’s argument of natural selection. This chapter highlights Hayek’s understanding of the theory of natural selection and the theory of spontaneous order.


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