Applications of Digital Media

  • Rae Earnshaw
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There are a wide range of digital media applications such as digital images, digital photography, digital video, digital audio, computer games, multimedia production, animation, digital video film making, e-books, web pages, data, and databases. Media content is now created in digital form and can be repurposed across different media types such as DVD, Internet, or traditional print. This offers scope for different forms of interactive media, and advertising, and providing added value to consumers by providing dynamic links to other relevant information. This provides new value chains and ecosystems. This is turn affects social and cultural contexts, and interacts with them. The user as content creator, publisher, and broadcaster is challenging and changing the traditional roles of news media, publishers, and entertainment corporations. This in turn changes social and governmental structures and affects their power, influence, and cultural impact. A number of Case Studies illustrate how the applications are developed and implemented in practice.


User as creator Value chains Repurposing media content Digital heritage Online book publishing Interactive broadcasting Vlogs Disruptive technologies 

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