Introduction to GIS

  • William Bajjali
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GIS has great value in our time as it is a comprehensive information system evolved and still developing parallel with the advancing technology. This era of the human kind is characterized as an information age, where the whole world is experiencing and interacting with a new revolution that change our traditional way to look at the things and do a business in completely different approach. The emphasis is on the technology and its use in every activity that range from agriculture, industry, business, social, research and education. The advancement in technology changed our world and our approaches to meet our need to rely completely on the technology and data. The value of information in our time becomes vital and important for development. GIS itself is an important module of the information system. The economy of all industrial countries and many other nations all over the globe, become more dependent on services. This means that the current economy rely more and more on computers, networking, accurate information and data. This shift required a mass of skilled labors that are capable to deal with the technology and data processing.

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