The Future: Procurement 4.0

  • Bernardo Nicoletti


The future of procurement is extremely interesting. Industry 4.0 is at the basis of the fourth industrial revolution. It is indeed a revolution also for procurement. This chapter presents an innovative and comprehensive model for Procurement 4.0. In comparison with traditional approaches, for instance for e-procurement, Procurement 4.0 represents a real revolution. For this reason, the analysis and use of the model is essential to substantiate Industry 4.0. This initiative until now has been very much a vision and an experiment rather that a solution to be approached in a scientific way. The innovative model presented could be of use to academicians studying Industry 4.0 and to procurement practitioners in organizations. A new solution is particularly important to support Procurement 4.0. It is named blockchain and it is already successful in supporting Bitcoins. The chapter presents the characteristics of this solution and its possible applications. Two uses of blockchain are particularly important: procurement finance and smart contracts. The chapter presents their characteristics and their potential uses.


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