OBDA for Log Extraction in Process Mining

  • Diego Calvanese
  • Tahir Emre Kalayci
  • Marco MontaliEmail author
  • Ario Santoso
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10370)


Process mining is an emerging area that synergically combines model-based and data-oriented analysis techniques to obtain useful insights on how business processes are executed within an organization. Through process mining, decision makers can discover process models from data, compare expected and actual behaviors, and enrich models with key information about their actual execution. To be applicable, process mining techniques require the input data to be explicitly structured in the form of an event log, which lists when and by whom different case objects (i.e., process instances) have been subject to the execution of tasks. Unfortunately, in many real world set-ups, such event logs are not explicitly given, but are instead implicitly represented in legacy information systems. To apply process mining in this widespread setting, there is a pressing need for techniques able to support various process stakeholders in data preparation and log extraction from legacy information systems. The purpose of this paper is to single out this challenging, open issue, and didactically introduce how techniques from intelligent data management, and in particular ontology-based data access, provide a viable solution with a solid theoretical basis.


Process mining Ontology-based data access Event log extraction Relational database management systems 



This research has been partially supported by the Euregio IPN12 “KAOS: Knowledge-Aware Operational Support” project, which is funded by the “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” (EGTC) under the first call for basic research projects, and by the UNIBZ internal project “OnProm (ONtology-driven PROcess Mining)”. We thank Wil van der Aalst for the interesting discussions and insights on the problem of extracting event logs from legacy information systems.


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  • Tahir Emre Kalayci
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  • Marco Montali
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