• Francesco Basile
  • Antonio Biondi
  • Guido Basile
  • Marcello Donati


Acute and chronic pancreatitis is a very different pathological condition even in the elderly. Acute pancreatitis is mainly caused by bile stone in the elderly, and even in a multidisciplinary approach and despite advanced diagnostic tools in the elderly, it remains a considerable incidence of complications so like mortality mainly due to systemic complications. Surgical approach is necessary in case of abscess, necrosis, or pseudocyst formation. Chronic pancreatitis is principally caused by ethanolism or can be of autoimmune origin. Also chronic duct obstruction can lead to pancreatitis. Diagnosis of certainty is gained with histologic examination, but due to very slow and indolent course of the disease in the elderly rarely, a treatment is necessary. Also progressive reduction of exocrine function rarely gains clinical importance. Surgical approach for pain like in young patients is usually not indicated.


Pancreatitis Pancreatic insufficiency Pancreatic pseudocyst Complications Pancreatitis in the elderly 


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