The Requirements of Human Factors and Ergonomics for the Safe and Comfortable Stairs Versus the Escalators

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The contemporary public spaces such as train stations, airports, subway stations or great shopping centres requires vertical displacements of the great human masses. The common means used for this kind of transportation are the new inventions such as elevators, moving ramps and primarily escalator systems. The analysis on these systems in terms of compliance with requirements of the human factors, ergonomics and safety indicate a need for their further improvements. Dimensions of standard escalator steps differs much than the steps of normal comfortable stairs and in result the escalators in the stop state cannot be used as the evacuation stairs. The mismatch of escalator’s geometry and the human motoric capabilities can result in an increased risk of an accident during the specific behaviours of users, inter alia in a state of panic. The basis of presented research are author’s practical and theoretical experience in the designing of stadiums and arenas.


Human factors Ergonomics Escalators geometry Comfortable stairs Evacuation stairs 


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  1. 1.Faculty of ArchitectureBialystok University of TechnologyBialystokPoland

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