Post-genomic Studies and Systems Biology of Actinobacteria: A Brief Overview

  • Naghmeh Poorinmohammad
  • Javad HamediEmail author


We are living the era where information may no longer be a bottleneck in the path to understand the complex biological systems. The namely post-genomic era brought with it the availability of automatic miniaturized assays able to generate omics data types, from complete genomes to proteomes, transcriptome, and metabolome data of different organisms from various taxa. As the output to this approach, different computational and in silico tools have been developed to process and mine knowledge from the large volume of biological data generated, among which the systems-scale knowledge mining concept has recently become the focus of many post-genomic researches. Actinobacterial omics data are being increasingly produced and explored in order to derive the omics-scale knowledge required for optimizing biotechnological potentials and productions as well as uncovering the pathogenicity mechanisms of these bacteria for therapeutic approaches. Accordingly, this review highlights the current status of actinobacterial omics data and systems biological research with the main focus being on the optimization of biotechnological potentials of this important bacterial cell factory.


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