Scarf Procedure and Rotational Scarf Procedure

  • Sarah E. HallerEmail author
  • Brett J. Waverly
  • Lowell WeilJr.


Bunion surgery has been the center of prospective research, retrospective literature, and a multitude of case studies focused on procedure choices, fixation, and postoperative protocol. The goal of all reconstructive forefoot surgery is to provide long-term predictability of correction with long-term maintenance of correction, pain-free mobility with early return to activity, minimal complications, and good cosmetic result. The scarf osteotomy continues to be among the most commonly performed corrective osteotomy worldwide in foot and ankle surgery for the repair of a hallux valgus or bunion deformity with well-documented outcomes, advantage of potential for bilateral surgery, early range of motion, and very early return to athletic shoes postoperatively. Additionally, frontal plane rotational component of the first ray can be addressed with this procedure putting it among a small group of procedures that can provide three-dimensional correction.


Bunion surgery Frontal plane correction Hallux abducto valgus Hallux valgus Metatarsal osteotomy Metatarsus primus varus Rotational osteotomy Scarf osteotomy Triplanar correction Z osteotomy 


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