ALMOsT.js: An Agile Model to Model and Model to Text Transformation Framework

  • Carlo BernaschinaEmail author
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Model Driven Development (MDD) requires model-to-model and/or model-to-text transformations to produce application code from high level descriptions. Creating such transformations is in itself a complex task, which requires mastering meta-modeling, ad hoc transformation languages, and custom development tools. This paper presents ALMOsT.js, an agile, in-browser framework for the rapid prototyping of MDD transformations, which lowers the technical skills required for Web and mobile developers to start be proficient with modeling and code generation. ALMOsT.js is shown at work in the creation of, a browser-based, online/offline environment for the MDD specification and rapid prototyping of web and mobile applications.


Agile development Model-driven development Computer aided software engineering 


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