Shifting Complexity from Text to Data Model

Adding Machine-Oriented Features to a Human-Oriented Terminology Resource
Conference paper
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Grammis is a web-based information system on German grammar, hosted by the Institute for the German Language (IDS). It is human-oriented and features different theoretical perspectives on grammar. Currently, the terminology component of grammis is being redesigned for this theoretical diversity to play a more prominent role in the data model. This also opens opportunities for implementing some machine-oriented features. In this paper, we present the re-design of both data model and knowledge base. We explore how the addition of machine-oriented features to the data model impacts the knowledge base; in particular, how this addition shifts some of the textual complexity into the data model. We show that our resource can easily be ported to a SKOS-XL representation, which makes it available for data science, knowledge-based NLP applications, and LOD in the context of digital humanities.


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  1. 1.Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS)MannheimGermany

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