Conclusion: Nordic Noir Beyond the Nordic

  • Kim Toft HansenEmail author
  • Anne Marit Waade
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In the Conclusion the authors sum up their findings with reference to different factors at play in the conceptual development of Nordic Noir and claim that four primary perspectives are necessary to decode the conceptual content of Nordic Noir: (a) a common press reference, (b) a brand name, (c) stylistic and narrative content, and (d) a locative concept. By referring to two recent television dramas, Valkyrien and Marcella, the authors conclude that the ‘Nordic’ in Nordic Noir is a very negotiable term which, when Nordic Noir travels as a style, has very little to do with geography and much more with stylistic content. They sum up by suggesting that an emotional turn of the spatial turn of media studies might inspire the further development of location studies.


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