Context Reasoning and Prediction in Smart Environments: The Home Manager Case

  • Roberta CalegariEmail author
  • Enrico Denti
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 76)


In Smart Environments computing systems are ubiquitous, intelligence pervades the space, and people’s situatedness in time and space is exploited to provide a contextualised, adaptive user experience.

Their socio-technical nature calls for skills, concepts, methodologies, technologies from diverse fields – AI, coordination, distributed systems, organisational sciences, etc. –, promoting a multi-paradigm perspective.

This work explores the Smart Environments context moving from two basic bricks: Butlers for Smart Spaces, a technology-neutral reference framework focused on users’ situatedness and interaction aspects; and Home Manager, a multi-paradigm, agent-based implementation platform for Smart Living contexts, particularly focused on the reasoning aspects.

For concreteness, we take a Smart Kitchen as our running example, discussing how it can be devised in Butlers for Smart Spaces and deployed on Home Manager, focusing on context reasoning and prediction aspects.



Authors would like to thank Dr. Ambra Molesini for her suggestions and feedback on the manuscript of this paper.


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