Interaction Capabilities of a Robotic Receptionist

  • Carlo NuccioEmail author
  • Agnese Augello
  • Salvatore Gaglio
  • Giovanni Pilato
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 76)


A system aimed at facilitating the interaction between a human user and an humanoid robot is presented. The system is suited to answer questions about laboratories activities, people involved, projects, research themes and collaborations among employees. The task is accomplished by the HermiT reasoner invoked by a speech recognition module. The system is capable of navigating a specific ontology making inference on it. The presented system is part of a broader social robot framework whose goal is to give the user a fulfilling social interaction experience, driven by the perception of the robot internal state and involving intuitive and computational creativity capabilities.


Humanoid robot Human-robot interaction Ontology 


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  • Carlo Nuccio
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    Email author
  • Agnese Augello
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  • Salvatore Gaglio
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  • Giovanni Pilato
    • 1
  1. 1.ICAR-CNR, Italian National Research Council PalermoPalermoItaly
  2. 2.DICGIMUniversity of PalermoPalermoItaly

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