Introduction: Sociology and the Nation (1882–2018)

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This book is about Israeli sociology since its beginnings, from the late nineteenth century to the early twenty-first century. Israeli sociology evolved in tandem with the development of the Israeli-Jewish nation in Palestine , and later, of the state of Israel, and in compliance with this collectivity. The changing nature of relations between the nation-state and the discipline of sociology throughout this era is a major pivot of our narration. The narration is organized in the following historical phases: Predecessors (1882–1948), Founders (1948–1967), Disciples (1967–1996), Critics (1977–1987/1993), Intermediators (who analyze social cleavages) (1987–2018), and Postmodernists and Postcolonialists (1993–2018). The introductory chapter outlines briefly the development of the Israeli sociological text within the shifting context of Israeli history.


Israeli sociology History of sociology Nationalism Sociological predecessors Sociological founders Sociological critics Postmodernism Post-colonialism Social cleavages Zionism 


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