The Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Technical Innovation on Manufacturing Upgrading-Based on Subdivision Industry of China

  • Dan JiangEmail author
  • Yuan Yuan
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At this stage, changing the mode of economic growth and optimizing the industrial structure is the important content for China’s economy restructuring and steady growth, so the adjustment of industrial structure is imminent, especially manufacturing. This paper describes the present situation of China’s technology innovation and the development of manufacturing, and analyzes the problems of manufacturing upgrading, and then uses the data of China’ 27 manufacturing sub-sectors from 2005 to 2014 and establishes the regression model. The results showed that technical innovation has a positive role in promoting the upgrading of China’s manufacturing, but its effect is still affected by certain factors, and the differences on technical innovation are obvious. Finally, in view of the problems found in the research, the paper puts forward some policy suggestions for the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, such as increasing R&D investment, building system of financial support, and establishing a technical alliance about industrial-academic-research.


Technical innovation Manufacturing upgrading Labor-intensive industry Capital-intensive industry Technology-intensive industry 


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