Response to Crockett

  • Gianni Vattimo
  • Santiago ZabalaEmail author
Part of the Contributions to Hermeneutics book series (CONT HERMEN, volume 6)


Crockett, together with Robbins, are the architects of a new theoretical movement called “insurrectionist theology.” This radical theology does not simply offer ways of thinking and living beyond framed democracies, but also ways to overcome its political neutrality through Martin Heidegger’s fourfold: earth and sky, gods and mortals. According to their recent manifesto, the truth of political theology in the twenty-first century can no longer be imagined through liberal reforms, but only by reconsidering democracy as a form of radical religious practice and political thought. This democracy is not simply unconstrained by modern liberal capitalism, but has actually become its greatest enemy, that is, a true insurrection determined to oppose its impositions. This is probably why from the very beginning of his contribution, Crockett joins us in proclaiming the end of liberal reformism and the return of communism to fight capitalism’s unlimited growth. After all, his insurrectionist stance, similarly to our anarchic hermeneutics, is also driven by the need to overcome the absence of alternatives imposed by framed democracies: financially, culturally, and ecologically throughout the world.

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