Response to Perkins and Gillespie

  • Gianni Vattimo
  • Santiago ZabalaEmail author
Part of the Contributions to Hermeneutics book series (CONT HERMEN, volume 6)


“Weak thought, according to Perkins and Gillespie, indeed has a political vision that corresponds to it, and in Hermeneutic Communism Vattimo and Zabala flesh out that politics more comprehensively than they do in any of their other works,” as it is their “overtly political program.” While this may be the case, it is important to remember that politics and communism were first treated by Gianni in Nihilism and Emancipation (2003) and Ecce Comu (2007), which are vital phases within the development of weak thought. Although Hermeneutic Communism is a text which stands on its own feet, these other books must be taken into consideration when assessing weak thought’s politics.

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